Friday, August 21, 2015

Rorrie's Slipped Cable Hat

Rorrie’s Slipped Cable Baby Hat
Designed by: Heather Wells
1 Skein of Fine Baby yarn : Example worked in Bernat Baby , color Soft Lilac
U.S. 3 DPNs
Gauge 10 st/9r per inch without stretching
Sizes: 0-3mos (3-6mos, 6-12mos, toddler)
Slip St Cable: Drop slipped st off needle, and leave in front of work, slip next 3 stitches to right hand needle, drop the next stitch off your left needle.  Place the first slipped stitch on left needle, slip the 3 stitches from the right hand needle back on the left hand needle, pick up the other dropped stitch with your right needle and slide it back onto your left needle then knit these five stitches.
Pattern Dec: Slip next stitch to the right needle, place next stitch on a holder, slip next stitch from the left needle to your right needle.  Place the stitch from the holder back on your left needle, slip the last two stitches from your right needle back to the left needle, and knit these three stitches together.
Cast On 120 (140,160,180) and evenly divided on dpns join in the round being careful not to twist.
Rounds 1-5: *P2, k5,p2, k1.  Repeat from * around.
Rounds 6-7: *P2, wyib slip 1, k3, wyib slip 1, p2, k1.  Repeat from * around.
Round 8: *P2, work slip st cable, p2, k1. Repeat from * around.
Repeat these 8 Rnds, until piece measures 3.5” (4”,4 ½” 5”) then shape crown.
Crown Shaping
Round 1: *P2, k5, p1 work pattern dec, p1, k5, p2, k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 2: *P2, k5, p1, k1, p1, k5, p2, k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 3: *P2, k5, work pattern dec, k5, p2, k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 4: *P2, k11, p2,k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 5: *P2, k4, work pattern dec, k4, p2, k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 6: *P2, k9, p2,k1. Repeat from * around
Round 7: *P2, k3, work pattern dec, k3,p2,k1.  Repeat from *around
Round 8: *P2, k7, p2, k1. Repeat from * around
Round 9: *P2, k2, work pattern dec, k2,p2,k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 10: *P2, k5, p2, k1. Repeat from * around
Round 11: *P2, k1, work pattern dec, k1, p1, k1. Repeat from * around
Round 12: *P2, k3, p2, k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 13: *P2, work pattern dec, p2, k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 14: *P2, k1, p2, k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 15: *P1, work  pattern dec, p1,k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 16: *P1, k1.  Repeat from * around
Round 17: K2tog around
Repeat  rows 16, and 17 of shaping one more time, Cut yarn leaving a tail for weaving in.  Using a yarn needle bring the sting through remaining stitches.  Pull tight, and weave in ends.  
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  1. How many stitches would be cast on for Afghan? Please respond...trying to get my Grandson one made before Christmas. Thanks!!