Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ready For Spring

I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year! 
A contagious bout of pneumonia hit the household.  All my items are cured at 275 degrees , and I managed not to get sick but pneumonia is not something to mess with and I did not want to take a chance I would be shipping any germs. 

I did not get to all the Valentines Day items I wanted to.  Your suggestions are still good, and I will be making more items.  The heart shaped sugar cookie was the first winning suggestion.


**** Two new contest themes****  
Since I am so behind in creating I wanted to announce the next two contest themes.  You can make suggestions for both now.  The first is Tea Party, and the second is Fair Food.  These two themes will be running till May.  I will announce winners at least once a month till then.

So far I have made a cup of tea, Battenburg cake, and sugar cubes.  I am making at least three more tea party foods, and for the fairs foods make I will be making a lot.

P.S.  peek at my store from time to time.  I post new items as I make them.  If you see I already made your suggestion, convo me :)  I can ship you your prize before I announce the winning suggestions here on the blog.

The last few donations I made have been going to disaster relief from Hurricane Sandy.  So far 688.00 from sales have been donated to disaster relief.  You can see the different disasters that we have donated to so far here .  

Thank you so much for continuing to tune in.
Here are some fun food holidays there are in February.  If you enjoy knowing about the food holidays let me know, and I will post them every month for you.    
14th: National Creme Filled Chocolates Day, 20th National Cherry Pie Day, 27th National Strawberry Day, 28th National Chocolate Soufle Day.  
There are many food holidays each month.  I can list them all each month if you would like.  Just let me know in the comment area if this is something you would like to see. :)

Thanks again,