Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tropical Polymer Clay Nail Art

Here is a sneak peek for our new polymer clay nail art tutorial series.
I wanted to do this series early just in case any of you are having any parties coming up

Here I made a few tiny foods, and drinks for my nails.  We have a blue Hawaiian, margarita, mojito, green burrito, and quesadilla.
In the next few days I will start putting up tutorials to make the tiny foods you see on my nails.

The mojitos, have lime cane slices, and a lime rind twisted.

The margarita has a thick lime wedge, and course white sand.

The blue Hawaiian has a lemon cane slice, and a lemon rind twist.

I can also show a cheese enchilada if you like.  I decided to go with green and blue, but a sangria, or tequila sunrise would be great with the cheese enchilada and quesadlila.

Here is the tutorial for a lime cane I made.  The good news is most salons have lemon and lime slices already.

The lemon cane is made the same way as the lime is but with yellow and translucent.  The blue color is a clear blue gel.

With the lime tutorial you can create large and small slices of lime as shown in the photo to the left.
Lime Cane Tutorial
You can also make lime gummy candy from the cane slice too.
 Gummy Lime Candy Tutorial