Monday, April 16, 2012

A Quick Update

Thank you all for being so patient.  I have had a couple big orders lately..  so I haven't had time to create my spring foods yet.   There is one more winning food,  but I actually want to make a lot of the foods you guys have been suggesting.  Make sure to check back at least once a month The suggestions you have made will be good throughout summer, and I will definitely be making some of them.

For today though Pam's suggestion of Deviled Eggs wins.  Make sure to contact me Pam with your address. :)

The new theme will be ice cream.  So get creative and make new suggestions :) .  The only ones that you can't suggest are the three in my shop (strawberry short cake bars, Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, and 50/ 50 bars).

I will be updating the blog as I make more spring foods, and they will be from your suggestions, so stay tuned.  Heather