Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monthly Charm Contest (starts today)

 Okey Dokey...   Up for a different kind of contest????
     If you were tuned in.. for the last couple of blogs you know that I have a charm of the month club.  I thought it would be fun for one charm each month be inspired by one of you.   First a background story..
The wonderful Cuban food collection in this blog today, was inspired by Joanna, an amazing woman who collaborated with me in the creation of these charms.  She sent me lots of amazing photos, of food that I never even tasted before.  

I am very pleased by the results, and thought it how horrible it would have been if Joanna had never asked me if I could make them.   So it hit me today  why not make a fun contest where each month there will be a winner. 

Here is how it will work.  Every month I make at least 3 new charms, for the charm of the month club.  I will choose the topic.   To enter all you do is make suggestions for what foods go along with that topic, in the comment section.

I will post the topic around the 15th every month, for a full month out.  The end date for the contest each month will be the following 15th (when the new topic begins).

So here goes

March is National Noodle Month:  who knew right?

The topic is noodles :)  Italian themed dishes, as long as they are Italian you can branch outside of noodle dishes.

All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this blog with your idea.
 The prize will be the charm you inspired :)

The Rules:
1: I want a multiple winners throughout the year, so if you won one month..  take a break for one month.

 2: Read through the comments to make sure your dish hasn't already been suggested.

 3: One suggestion per day max.. This allows you 28-30 entries but will allow many people to play :)
That is it!!

Sucking up may help...  I really do depend on photos of real food when making my tiny dishes.  The comment section doesn't allow for photos.  I will provide a link to my etsy store.  If you hit "convo"  you can load up to 3 pictures of your own, or off the net.

   I will google search images from your suggestions, but if you find a really great photo I would love to see it.

A little suggestion.... I am already thinking of basic Lasagna, ravioli and Spaghetti so those suggestions wouldn't win, but if you have different variations on these dishes you can enter them ..  Be creative and have fun!  I am interested in something that is connected to our theme...  but a little bit out of the ordinary, special or clever. 

P.S.  I know you all will have great suggestion.s.. If I choose to do more than one, for the month or regular stock for my store you both will get your inspired charms as a thank you gift.

Have fun,  I am really excited and hope you play with me.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Contest Day!!!

Hello, and welcome back to my blog!  Thank you all so much for the kind comments. Here we go, I hope you all enjoy the contest.  If it goes well, I will do a few contests a year.  Good Luck!!!

Answering the questions:  I will ask three questions...  along with each question will be a description of the prize for that question, and a photo just for fun.  Remember that the (first correct) answer for each question wins it's corresponding prize.  To answer, leave your answer in the comment section.  state the question #, followed by your answer.
The Rules,  Okay I don't like rules either, but I need to have a couple so here goes.
1. There is only one prize per person.  Please answer only one question.  If you posted a wrong answer, then you can answer one of the other questions.  I will check in before 9:00 A.M. to verify answers at that point, then again in the afternoon.  I know this rule could be a little annoying, but I want to make sure that one person doesn't  spoil the answer by answering multiple questions correctly.  
2. You must follow my blog
P.S. Before answering you may wish to view the comments to make make sure you aren't answering something that someone has already answered correctly.  I will make sure to leave updates in the comment section when I check in to let you know which questions have already been answered correctly.
That is it.   

Question 1 Prize:  One year charm of the month club membership.  The winner will receive at least three charms made especially for the following month, for a full year. Here is a picture for February's charms of the month.
 Question #1: In the cartoon "The Last Unicorn"  right after being tied up by bandits, what falls in love with  Schmindrick?    
Sorry this question is hard, but I love this old movie :)
If nobody guesses this right by Tonight, I will ask an easier question
Question #2 Prize: 6 Months membership in the charm of the month club.  The winner will receive at least three charms every of for 6 months.  you may have noticed the there are five charms in the February photo.....  Club members will actually receive five charms this coming month.  

Question #2:  In "Gone With The Wind"  Who delivers Melanie's Baby? 

  Question #3 Prize:  $25.00 worth of merchandise from my store.    The donuts are just fun items from my store....  You can go to my Etsy shop, and choose your favorite charms totaling up to $25.00

Question #3:  In "Sleepless In Seattle"  They reference another classic movie, and the whole story line touches aspects of that classic movie throughout.  What is this Classic movie they refer to?
Good Luck!!!!