Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This fall has almost completely passed me by.  I do have three Thanksgiving foods that I want to share.  First will be the winning entry for the fall foods, Pecan Pie.  If you suggested pecan pie, please email me your address at .  The Fall monthly charms will be sent out Monday :)
The pecan pie is very reallistic looking, the filling is actually a mixture of 5 diferent colors of clay.  The buttery crust, and toasted pecans look toasty too.  I also brought back my roasted turkey, but I took a lot of time perfecting him, he looks much better than lasts years turkey.
The last food for Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie.  I did really want to make a lot more, but just didn't have enough time. 

 I am still taking Holiday food suggestions.  Please leave your holiday food suggestions in the comment section below to enter the contest.  You can make one suggestion a day.  Just browse through the suggestions to make sure you aren't replicating any suggestions.  If google wont let you leave a comment, just let me know your suggestion through etsy or by email.