Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This fall has almost completely passed me by.  I do have three Thanksgiving foods that I want to share.  First will be the winning entry for the fall foods, Pecan Pie.  If you suggested pecan pie, please email me your address at .  The Fall monthly charms will be sent out Monday :)
The pecan pie is very reallistic looking, the filling is actually a mixture of 5 diferent colors of clay.  The buttery crust, and toasted pecans look toasty too.  I also brought back my roasted turkey, but I took a lot of time perfecting him, he looks much better than lasts years turkey.
The last food for Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie.  I did really want to make a lot more, but just didn't have enough time. 

 I am still taking Holiday food suggestions.  Please leave your holiday food suggestions in the comment section below to enter the contest.  You can make one suggestion a day.  Just browse through the suggestions to make sure you aren't replicating any suggestions.  If google wont let you leave a comment, just let me know your suggestion through etsy or by email.


  1. How about dinner rolls? buttery golden on top. Mmmm!! You do beautiful work!!

  2. can you make a tutorial on the pecan pie that would just be awesome


  3. Hi guys :) I hope to write a new blog soon. I hope to make some tutorials in the new year:) Waiting for a good video camera so you can see them real time on you tube :)
    Heather XOX

  4. My family actually celebrates Christmas on January 7th because we are orthodox, we can't have meat on holy night (Christmas eve...even though we have ham on Christmas day) so we eat pierogies, fish sticks, prunes (yuck =p), raisin bread, poppy seed balls, and potatoes with white beans...just a fun fact in case you ever get bored and feel like making a plate charm with those on it or something..or maybe just pierogies hahaha

  5. How about those chocolate-dipped pretzel rods? Those are sooooo yummy!

  6. Peanut Brittle? Oh man, that stuff is my weaness!