Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcoming Fall

Hello everyone,
Labor Day Weekend was my very first fair, and I had a great time!  If you took my business card and landed here welcome :)  The last part of this blog post will discuss the blog contest and how it works.  Following that is the Global Giving update.

The last two winners of the ice cream blog contest theme are the red, white and blue popscicle, and the orange and cream popscicle.  Winners, please email me your address at
Blog Contest.
I just wanted to give a brief explanation for those of you new to the blog.  My blog is basically a running contest.  Most of my posts will announce  the previous winners, and the new theme.  To enter you simply make food suggestions that go along with the theme in the comment section of the blog.

Here are the rules
1. Read through the suggestions made to make sure that you aren't duplicating someones answer.
2. You can make as many suggestions you like, but only one a day.
3. Make suggestions for foods that I don't already have in the store (I will announce them in the blog).
That is it :)

The New Theme
Holiday Food.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
The foods I already make are candy corn, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, turkey, turkey dinner, peppermints, and gingerbread men.

You can start making suggestions now, get creative, if there is a specific idea or colors please feel free to describe what you have in mind.   for example instead of Christmas cupcake, how about a cupcake with a candy cane on it.
Maybe suggest the foods you love to eat at your holiday dinners and parties.
Have fun!!

Thank you every one.  I will post the first winners by October 1st.

Disaster Relief Donations.
After the big quake and Tsunami in Japan, I decided to donate a small percentage 2.5% of my sales to disaster relief charities.   So far I have donated to three charities, you can track the progress and see my donations here.  So far I have donated 437.00 from sales!!!   Thank you all : ).  As more donation are made I will provide the link here on the blog.