Friday, November 2, 2012

Gobble Gobble

Happy November!  
I hope that you are all safe and warm.  As Thanksgiving approaches, I am saddened to think about all the people that are being affected by Hurricane Sandy.  It was a completely devastating storm that will take years to recover from.  There are families that lost loved ones, and that is heartbreaking.  I spent days glued to the weather channel day and night.  Needless to say, the next several months, my monthly donation  from sales will be going to Hurricane Sandy relief projects through Global Giving.  

For those of you that are newer to the blog, I decided after the big Japan quake / tsunami that I wanted to give back to those in need from my sales.  I donate 2.5% of my revenue to disaster relief charities.  I also wanted to make sure that you have a way to see my contributions.  So far we have donated to 4 natural disasters.  The New Zealand quake, the Japan quake / tsunami, the mid west tornadoes, and now to hurricane sandy.  Today I donated 55.00 for my September sales.  So far since I have started this, I have donated 532.00 cumulatively to disaster relief with your help.  Here is the link to see past donations

I just wanted to say Thank you all for your support, and allowing my little business to grow.  I just wanted to give you all this update and let you know just how much we have contributed so far. 

The photos show the Thanksgiving foods I have completed so far.  There is one left and then I will be working on the Winter Holiday foods.  All the suggestions made so far are good, and I will be making some of them.  I am still taking Holiday food suggestions for the contest, you can add Valentines Day too. :)