Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fortune Cookie Tutorial

Fortune Cookie Tutorial
Created by Heather Wells of Sweet & Savory Trinkets
1 - 2oz Package of Ecru Premo
Pasta Roller, or Clay Roller
1 Round Cutter 1”  across (I use Kemper Pattern Cutters)
Size 0 or smaller DPN (double pointed knitting needle)
Notes:   This is a very easy and fast project.  I hope you love it!  Let your imagination run wild, make them in different colors, dip them in chocolate, add sprinkles :)

Step 1:  Condition one rectangle of Ecru Premo.  Condition it thoroughly, so your finished cookie doesn’t crack.  Roll your clay out till it is 1 mm thick.  It is setting # 3 on the Atlas pasta roller.

Step 2:  Rub a little flour on one side so the flour won’t stick to itself, then lay it down on a sheet of paper (on the side you floured).

Step 3:  Rub flour on the top of your sheet of clay in small circles to texture the clay.

Step 4:  Using your round cutter cut out a circle.

Step 5:  Fold your circle in half gently.  The textured side should be on the outside.

Step 6: Place your DPN vertically in the center of the folded area, with your other hand use your index finger and thumb to push the ends on either side of the needle towards each other.  Bake according to manufacturers instructions.

Here is a fun green set for inspiration.  The pastel colors of polymer clay work great for these cookies.

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