Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Fever

I have certainly been having fun looking at your suggestions.  I have already stared making some of April's charms.  I will continue taking suggestions till the 15th,  but I wanted to share the charms I have already made, and announce a couple of winners.  I will probably have more winners shortly after the 15th.  So check back, and keep making those suggestions

SweetnessC, and Memories for life scrapbooks both suggested  Peeps. 

Here are my little renditions of the marshmallow snack.   These little guys are quite cute.

Kara suggested dyed Easter eggs.  I made them in 6 colors. 

I am actually very pleased with how they have turned out!

These babies are my own brain child,  I have been meaning to do these for a long time :)

I LOVE deviled eggs.  They are soooo tasty!
I have already made myself a little pair of earrings, and have been wearing them out :)

I hope you all are enjoying the new charms that I have been releasing.  I haven't decided which ones are going in the charm of the month yet club yet.

I am also going to be making more April charms as well.  The 15th will be the cut off for the April suggestions.

In the next blog, I will be doing something a little different, and sharing something I found on Etsy.   I found some new inspiration, and plan on sharing this wonderful seller with you all.  The new charms will be perfect colors for April too, so tune in next week.  I will have the remaining winners listed around the 20th:)

Good luck everyone!!!
Here is the link to my shop in case you want to see more images of the new charms.




  1. Can't say if I know what to do here. So, I will put my thoughts in the comment section for Easter charms.
    I was thinking of painting the eggs the way we did, or maybe I should say the way I did, as kids. We made all kinds of designs by using a wax crayon. When using the crayon the dye would not come through or cover the design you made on the egg.
    On yours you could use different colors.