Thursday, March 24, 2011

Macaron Madness

Welcome back!!!  I hope you are all doing well!!!  Still taking BBQ suggestions till April 15, Here in the comment area. 
All charity, and contest info will be provided as usual, at the bottom of the blog. 

I discovered The Macaronner on Etsy, and their cookies looked so pretty that I just had to try them.  
I purchased a sampler, so I could try a few different flavors.  P.S.  The larger cookies in all the photos are the real cookies, offered in their shop. 

Eric and Nicola are a husband and wife team, and the chefs of these sweet confections. :)

The cookies are extremely delicate.  They manage to create cookies that are crisp when you bite into them, but melt in your mouth.

I knew as soon as I saw these little cuties, that I had to make my own version of them (out of clay). 

I wouldn't dare try to make the real ones, I will leave that to the experts!

I made them in the six colors shown on the right.  They are great pastels for spring.  As you can probably tell by the photos,  I am making them in two sizes.  There larger one are about the size of a quater indiameter, and the smaller ones are about the size of a dime in diameter. 
I thought that if you are looking for themed gifts this Spring,  it could be fun to give some macarons!

I was thinking of dividing  them up, and making miniature Easter baskets.  Here is the link in case you wanted to get some real macarons.  Maybe 2 or 3 real macarons, along with a couple charms or a neclacke :)
The choclate-peanutbutter were my favorite.

There are also macaron soaps on Etsy KcSoapsNmore .

 This weekend will be spent making all the spring time charms, then I will be sending out all the April charm winners, and the April club charms out Saturday and Sunday :)  After much deliberation, I decided to do the Easter eggs as the April charms.   If you are a club member, or have won the club of the month, and prefer the peeps or something else, please let me know.  

Monthly Contest
Every month I make new charms for my store, and for the charm of the month club I decided it would be fun, if my readers and customers, had a hand at deciding which charms I make.  Every month around the 15th, I post a new theme.  You enter the contest by making food suggestions that go with the theme in the comment  section of the blog.  I will choose at least one suggestion each month for the store, and or charm of the month club.  The charm(s) I make from the suggestions are the winners, and the person (people) who made the suggestion(s) gets the charm they suggested as the prize :).   The contest ends each month on the 15th...  and the new theme is active.
The current theme is BBQ
The Rules:
1:  You can only make one suggestion per day, that allows you multiple entries but many can play :)
2: Read through the suggestions to make sure you aren't duplicating any suggestions already made.
 Here is the blog with the current suggestions made so far. 

Tsunami Fund raiser
I opened a fund raising raffle through Global Giving, on their website.  I wanted to find a way for the charity a get the money immediately, and this is a really great solution. It is also tax deductable, and you receive their tax exempt id on your online reciept Here is the link
You guys are amazing, we have already raised 185.00 Thank you!!!!
  The prizes are 1 year of the charm of the month club,  and 6 months of the charm of the month club.  The winners will be announced on the 31st, on the fundraising page, and here on the blog.
Store Charity Donations. I made my first contribution, from the store.  I am donating 5% of the item price out of my Etsy store, Artfire store, and Zibbet  store.   Here is the store donation page so you so track our progress :) I made a 10.00 donation already, and we are 1.90 towards the next donation. 

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  1. I just found your blog and your Etsy shop and love, love, love it. I think that ice cream as the theme for July is perfect. How about Cookies and Cream Ice Cream themed stuff.