Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Fun Find!!!

You will find  the contest information, and Earthquake Relief information at the end of this blog.

 Lately I have been trying to surround myself with all things food.  I searched through dozens of pages on Etsy trying to find food purses.  On my search I came across Trask Mountain.  Trask Mountain has completely reversable purses, and they are a darling shape!

Anna is the owner of Trask Mountain and is wonderful.  I sent her a convo, asking if she could make me food purses.  She got back to me with lightening speed, and soon she was bombarded with many photos of food fabrics.   

I finally decided, and purchased four fabrics for two purses.  You get to see the Cookie purse today,  I will show you the other one once I have made the charms for it :)

The details are great,  She attached my handles with loops by special request (so I could make charms for them).   She can also do matching coin purses by special request, and the bow on the handle is just too cute!!!

Here is the cookie charm I made to match the purse.  I had a wonderful experience with Anna, and would highly recommend Task Mountain! 

Charity Update:  So far the fund raising page has received 185.00.  The raffle has two prizes, 3 charms a month for 6 months,  and 3 charms a month for 1 year.  
Raffle winners can only win one prize, so there will be two winners.  There are currently 8 people with raffle tickets.    Global Giving  is already distributing the money to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund .

I will be making the store contributions through this Global Giving Page  soon.  I have made a 10.00 donation so far, which is a little more than the 5%.  I will keep you updated as it grows.

Contest Info:  May is National BBQ month,  so today till the 15th of April I will be taking BBQ food suggestions.  Cheeseburgers, and hot dogs are out, because I already make them.  Everything else is up for grabs. 
For those of you that are new to the contest, you make food suggestions, that fit in with the given theme.  I will pick at least one of them for the charm of the month club, and inventory in my store.  The prize is the charm you inspired.   For example:  Jenna suggested cannoli for March's theme, since I chose cannoli as part of my March collection, she was sent a cannoli charm.
To enter you make food suggestions in the comment section of the blog.

The Rules:
1:  You can only make one suggestion per day, that allows you multiple entries but many can play :)
2: Read through the suggestions to make sure you aren't duplicating any suggestions already made.

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