Friday, March 11, 2011

A Small Price Change

****Update I have a fundraiser through Global Giving, to aid the Japanese Tsunami victims.  It is a raffle, for every dollar you donate, you get a raffle ticket.  On the 31st this month, I will randomly draw the winner.  The winner will receive 3 charms a month, for a full year!  Please help

I have noticed that there have been many natural disasters recently.  I am always compelled to help, but I haven't always had the means to help monetarily.   I decided to make it a part of business.  Over the next couple of days, I will be raising my prices by .20 cents each.  For every item sold in my shop, that .20 cents will be distributed once a month to disaster relief around the world.   On my blog, I will let you know how much was donated, and what organization it went to.  I will also keep a running total of how much was donated total, on an ongoing basis, so as time goes by we can see the differences that that .20 cents per item can make..

To kick start a donation, I am selling this purse on Etsy,  I will send the full 40.00 to Red Cross, for Tsunami Relief.  Here is the link to the listing, and a photo of the purse



  1. This is a wonderful way to help out! I bet that 20 cents will add up fast!

  2. First off, all I can say is GREAT job. You are a wonderful person, to sell this purse, to help others. That is awesome! I applaud you.
    I found you while visiting my friend, KAE1CRAFTS, on ravelry, and just thought I would say hi. I hope we can be blog buds.