Monday, March 14, 2011

Fund Raising Update

Hello, this blog will have a lot going on.  I will be giving an update on the fund raising for Japan, and give the new theme for food suggestions.

I have been a very busy girl this weekend trying to figure out how to best aid the Disaster relief for Japan.  I am already setting aside a small portions of my sales, but I wanted to do more.
I opened a fund raising raffle through Global Giving, on their website.  I wanted to find a way for the charity a get the money immediately, and this is a really great solution. It is also tax deductable, and you receive their tax exempt id on your online reciept Here is the link
You guys are amazing, 
We have already raised 130.00 Thank you!!!!

So,  I have decided to add another prize.  There is now a one year, and a six month charm of the month prize.  For those of you unfamiliar with this club,  The winners will recieve a minimum of 3 charms a month, for the amount of months they win....Either the 6 or 12
If we earn 200.00 I will add on another prize.  Each winner can win only one prize, soooo  there at this point there will be 2 winners.  There are 5 people in the running so far.

 May Food Theme

May is National BBQ month,  so today till the 15th of April I will be taking BBQ food suggestions.  Cheeseburgers, and hot dogs are out, because I already make them.  Everything else is up for grabs.  I will post the instructions for the monthly contest at the bottom of this blog.

There may still be winners for the April charm theme.  I just didn't get a chance to create anything new over the weekend.  I will contact you directly, and post here when I get the chance to make more.  The April winners that I created charms for is on this blog post.

Sweet & Savory Trinkets Sale Donations.    I am donating 5% of my item sales.    So far this totals $7.74  I want you guys to have proof of the donations, so when I make my first store donation, I will do it on a donation fundraising page on Global Giving, so you can see what has been done and see the donations as I make them.  
The minimum donation amount is 10.00,  we will get there soon :)
Thank you all for your support!!

Contest Info:
For those of you that are new to the contest, you make food suggestions, that fit in with the given theme.  I will pick at least one of them for the charm of the month club, and inventory in my store.  The prize is the charm you inspired.   For example:  Jenna suggested cannoli for March's theme, since I chose cannoli as part of my March collection, she was sent a cannoli charm.
To enter you make food suggestions in the comment section of the blog.

The Rules:
1:  You can only make one suggestion per day, that allows you multiple entries but many can play :)
2: Read through the suggestions to make sure you aren't duplicating any suggestions already made.


  1. I'm a previous winner, so no need to add me to the contest, buuut I just had a great idea for May ... baked potato with maybe cheese filling or any kind of filling actually!

  2. My suggestion is roasted corn on the cob complete with butter pat! Yum.

  3. How about a bbq rib sandwich.

  4. For the contest my idea is to do fried potato wedges!

  5. Some good ol' baked beans is always good. :)

  6. How about kabobs? Chicken, beef, veggie.

  7. Are you accepting drinks? like lemon iced tea?

  8. Yes, drinks, appetizers, main dishes, even desserts:)

    Have fun with it!!

    Great suggestions everyone.. I am looking forward to starting on the BBQ thems:)

  9. How about the mustard and ketchup bottles?

  10. Okay, how about home-baked apple pie?

  11. A plate of ribs dripping in barbecue sauce.

  12. I was thinking sweet potato with cinnamon and a pat of butter. Also, i was wondering if maybe, possibly, you could do earrings instead of charms...I love earrings!

  13. How about a bbq chicken drumstick.

  14. I know this may be late, but I had a thought! How about Sausage and Peppers Sandwich!