Thursday, February 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Food

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!   
If you have been keeping an eye on my shop you may have already seen the St. Patrick's day food appearing in the shop.  We currently have three winners.  We have corned beef and cabbage, and shepherds pie.

Pamela suggested a corned beef platter, and lilyk suggested cabbage.  So both of you will receive a bowl of corned beef and cabbage :)

Adrieana suggested shepherds pie.  Congrats to the three of you.  I do hope to make a few of the other suggestions, and if I am able to find the time to make them there will be more winners, so make sure to check back.  Please email me at  and leave me your addresses so I can send you your charm :)
  I really do want to make the beers, but I need to find a miniature glass blower first :).   I did try to find cute tiny glass beer glasses but didn't find any quite the right size :(

The last St. Patrick's Day food I made was actually a corned beef sandwich. 

All these Irish foods are currently available in the shop, but I only made about 10 of each.

April Contest Theme

The new theme is spring :)
So put on your thinking caps and start making springtime food suggestions.


  1. When spring comes around I love to eat fresh a tasty garden salad, perhaps? =)

  2. oo maybe glazed carrots

  3. When I think spring foods, I think of what produce is in season. My favorites would be asparagus and rhubarb crisp.

  4. Pamela has the right idea. Specifically I have a favorite dish, grilled asparagus sprinkled with chopped bacon and lemon zest. It's really pretty,too.

  5. A small bunch of Easter Egg radishes would be really cute.

  6. Mom made these European desserts every Easter:

    Easter egg bread

    Easter lamb cake
    (She’d make jelly bean cupcakes with the leftover batter:

    Ukrainian Easter eggs

  7. I love all your suggestions!!! Thanks :)

    I will be working on spring foods the next 3 weeks, so feel free to make more suggestions.


  8. How about a crepe filled with cream cheese and rolled up with dollop of cream on top and a strawberry.
    Could even put sliced strawberries sticking out of the ends of the crepe.

  9. How about a slice of Rose Frambroise Cake? (sponge cake layered with raspberry jam, rose buttercream, topped with fondant)

    Or a standard French raspberry tart?

  10. What about potatoes au gratin? With chives for garnish? :D