Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Thank you for stopping by!!  In this blog I will explain the monthly charm contest, and then give some updates about changes the shop that will be going on this year.
  The Blog Contest
I continuously strive to keep the shop fresh by adding new foods regularly.  I thought it would be fun, to include you all in the products I carry in the shop so this contest was born.  Here monthly I will give you a theme, I will choose at least one of the suggestions and make it for a new charm I will offer in the store.  If I make your suggestion, you receive your food suggestion as a charm.  Many times I choose more than one suggestion, in that case all the food suggestions that I make will win :)
To enter all you do is leave your food suggestion in the comment section of the blog.
The Rules:
1: Leave up to one food suggestion per day.  **  If you have several ideas that is great! I would love to hear them, choose only one a day leave in the comment section.  This allows many to play. :)
2:  Please check the other suggestions made, so you aren't duplicating another persons suggestion.
That's it : )
The current theme is St. Patrick's Day and Irish Food
There are several suggestion made in the last blog posted.  Thank you so much for participating, I already love the suggestions that have been made, and look forward to seeing more :)
Shop Announments
The post office has almost doubled their international shipping prices, so soon I will have to increase international shipping charges a little. There wont be any extra charges for multiple items though it will be a flat charge.  The new shipping charge will be 4.20 for international, and 3.00 for domestic, both of these will be the full shipping cost for all orders (including multiple product purchases).
 Gradually over the next year I will be adding 1/12th scale miniatures to my inventory, for doll house collectors.  In most cases my food items have been larger than 1/12th scale.  I hope to add food magnets to my line of inventory as well.  My primary focus will still be my charm sized food accessories.
This year my I am making my little foods in smaller batches.  The time I have for creating my miniatures has been cut dramatically.   I am only able to create my foods 8-12 hours per week now.  I am not able to offer the charm of the month club, because I wouldn't be able to produce enough stock for the store and the club.

My weekly creating time will be spent making the new/contest items, and other existing foods that I am short on.
There are other changes I wish to make this year,  In the next month, I will be getting a new camera for the shop, and hope to make some tutorials to offer for sale, and some for free....  This change will be slower in coming but it will happen this year.   

I am also continuing to donate to natural disaster relief charities through global giving, but the cost of supplies have also risen.  I want to keep my prices as low as possible, so I will be donating 2.5% percent of sales instead of the 5%
My next donation will be in the begining of February, and I will leave the updated global giving link here then.

Thank you so much for your support!!!   I will be working on the contest food items over the next 2 weeks, so it is not too late to make your suggestions.  Sorry the content of this post is a bit boring, my next blog post will be announcing the St. Patrick's Day, and Irish Food winners


  1. i think you should make little four leaf clover cookie like a little sugar cookie with green icing in the shape of a four leaf clover

    anyway thanks

    teeny weeny bites

  2. Mint-chocolate chip ice creams cone? =)

  3. Lucky Charms charms! As in the cereal...=p

  4. Cream puffs? Maybe Christmas cream puffs? Link: