Sunday, May 29, 2011

National Candy Month Continued.....

The Monthly contest theme is now ice-cream.  Here are the suggestions made so far, please feel free to add your own.

I did make some more candy to celebrate June (national candy month).  Licorice Allsorts were suggested by Pam.  When I saw Pam's suggestion, I went out hunting for allsorts.  I actually went to 4 different stores trying to locate them.   I did find some great licorice allsorts at a local store called Sprouts.  They were very pretty, and made great models... They behaved very well ; ).      P.S. Pam if you are reading this please email me your address at

I did want to take a moment to thank you all for joining in my monthly contests.  All of the suggetions have been amazing, and I wish I could make them all.  Candy month was definately a fun theme, and I do hope to make some more of your candy suggestions.  In the mean time,  I wanted to share a little bit of my selection process with you.  because it really affected my decision with what to make for candy month. 

When you all make your suggestions, I start searching through pages of google images for the suggestions.  They inspire me greatly!!  From this point I start deciding If I am going for particular color themes.  Then I will do an Etsy search to see how many of my fellow miniature food artists are making that item.  If there are already fellow shops that have perfected a particular food, I usually wont make that particular item, unless there is great room for variance. Here is a couple of great examples.

This month I found some amazing gummy bears at  Bit O Sugar .  Bit O Sugar is a wonderful shop run by Brad and Lei.  They opened Bit O Sugar in September 2010, the same week I opened Sweet & Savory Trinkets.  Brad and Lei are in Hawaii, and have over 90 very cute items to browse though.  You should read their profile if you get a chance, it made me smile.      
I wanted to share these amazing gummy bears with you.  Brad and Lei have definately perfected these  little guys!

These lollipop earrings were created by Inedible Jewelry .  Jessica and Susan are sisters, and opened Inedible Jewelry on etsy in February, 2007.  They are an amazing team, and make very realistic goodies for you to wear : ).  
This team of sisters actually wrote a book on making miniature foods, called Polymer Clay Cookbook.  I would highly suggest it for those of you that want to make your own minis :) 
When I saw their tiny lollipop earrings, I was amazed at the color and detail.     

For those of you who are new to the blog, and contest, I run a monthly contest, Every month I give a new theme, and take food suggestions that fit in with the theme.   If I make your suggestion for my monthly charm club, or for store inventory, you win!  The prize is a charm of the food item you suggested.

The Contest Rules
1: Try to limit your suggestions to one a day. You can make a suggestion every day... in fact I love seeing as many suggestions as possible.  I just want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to make suggestions.
2:  Take a quick look at the suggestions, to make sure you aren't duplicating a suggestion. 
 July's Theme
July is national ice-cream month!!!  So lets hear your ice-cream suggestions.  I already make ice-cream mochi, and a hot fudge brownie, so those two ideas are excluded everything else is up for grabs. :)  They can be ice-cream itself, to anything with ice-cream or is ice-cream related.  You can start making suggestions for ice-cream month now :)

I decided after the Japan 9.0 that I would make donating to natural disasters a part of my regular business practice.  I have been donating 5% of sales to natural disaster relief. It is donated through global giving on a donation page, so if any of  you are curious to see the progress you have access to it Here.   So far I believe we are at 84.00.  These donations were made for tsunami relief, and more recently tornado and flood victims.  I also plan on giving the the New Zealand quake too.  As natural disasters happen, I will shift where the donations go, but you can always see the information provided in the link above


  1. Ohh... I was thinking some root beer flots in frosted mugs with foam on top.
    mmmm.... now i'm hungary

  2. What about some of those rainbow pops made by bluebell. The ones that start out purple then subside to green,then yellow,orange,then finaly red.

    Ohh,this is so fun.

  3. How about dreamsicles. I remember when I was a little girl they didn't have the hard shell they have today. They were creamy all the way through. Kind of like sherbert mixed with icecream. I can still smell them!

    BTW....I was just interviewed by an artist blog and they asked me to list a couple of my favorite blogs and yours was one that I chose.

    Here's where you can find it:

  4. Ice cream! Hard to just pick one, you can't beat a Mr Whippy though! Not sure how common they are your side of the ocean, but in England it is *the* ice cream on a hot (or usually cold), summers day.

  5. How about italian Ice mmm.. I remember eatting it on those hot summer days when you cant seem to get enough to drink.

  6. -My favorite from Cold Stone- Taramisue mixed with cinnamon vinilla, with cookie dough mixed in and fudge on top :D

  7. How about push-ups? I loved those as a kid!

  8. I suggest chocolate covered strawberries with coconut powder or chocolate covered bananas with some crispy cookies! Yummy!!!