Thursday, May 19, 2011

June National Candy Month

Welcome back :)  The May charms have been fun, but I was ready to start work on June.  July's Themes for our monthly contest will be announced  towards the end of the blog.

You all had amazing suggestions!  I really wish I had more time, so I could make all of your suggestions.  Today I will announce our first winner.  I will probably be making more candy before the month is through, so check back in around June 1st, incase there are more winners:)

The last suggestion made was rock candy in different flavors.  This suggestions was made by Katherine. 

This sounded like a wonderful challenge, and I pondered how I would make polymer clay clear enough to pull it off.  After around 24 hours of pondering, I decided not to use polymer clay at all.

I hope you like them as much as I do :)  The rock candy set of six charms are the official June charms of the month for those of you that recieve the monthly mailings.

The next candy I tackeled were gummy rings.  I really wanted to make candies that could accompany, and compliment the rock candy.  I made a matching gummy for each color of rock candy.  The flavors I tried to mimick are green apple, grapefruit, grape, watermelon, blue raspberry, and blueberry.

                                                                              Monthly Contest information
For those of you that are new to the blog,  We have a monthly runningcontest.  Around mid month, I will announce a new theme.  To enter the contest you make food suggestions that fit in with the theme (in the comment section).  I will make at least one of the items suggested for the charm of the month club, and store inventory.  Who ever made the suggestion gets that charm free, as a thank you gift.  If you are one of the winners you send me an email including your address at   
The Rules
1: Try to limit your suggestions to one a day. You can make a suggestion every day... in fact I love seeing as many suggestions as possible.  I just want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to make suggestions.
2:  Take a quick look at the suggestions, to make sure you aren't duplicating a suggestion. 
 July's Theme
July is national ice-cream month!!!  So lets hear your ice-cream suggestions.  I already make ice-cream mochi, and a hot fudge brownie, so those two ideas are excluded everything else is up for grabs. :)  They can be ice-cream itself, to anything with ice-cream or is ice-cream related.  You can start making suggestions for ice-cream month now :)

I decided after the Japan 9.0 that I would make donating to natural disasters a part of my regular business practice.  I have been donating 5% of sales to natural disaster relief. It is donated through global giving on a donation page, so if any of  you are curious to see the progress you have access to it Here.   Sofar I believe we are at 84.00.  These donations were made for tsunami relief, and more recently tornado and flood victims.  I also plan on giving the the New Zealand quake too.  As natural disasters happen, I will shift where the donations go, but you can always see the information provided in the link above


  1. The candy charms look so real I could eat it!Great job (:
    And I love ice cream!
    My suggestion would be a banana spilt with three different flavours of ice cream, topped with some strawberry sauce. whipped cream, sprinkles/ nuts and of course a cherry on the top!
    mmmm... I'm hungry

  2. Love those gummy rings! My suggestion is the "Cherry on top" :)
    Found you via Etsy's Blog Team!

  3. ice cream sandwich has always been one of my favorite icecreams.

  4. I was thinking carmel fudge sunday with whip cream and cherry on top.

  5. Wow!
    I had not idea that June was national candy month and July was national ice cream month! :)

    Great meeting you through the Etsy Blog Team!

    I am your newest blog follower. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

    I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!
    Mary C. Nasser

  6. Do Snow Cones count as being ice cream related? (:

  7. Dippin Dots!
    A mountain of cute little dots in a rainbow assortment of colours (:

    This is honestly so fun! Everytime I think of something new I come here to post it :P plus, I get to think about all the different foods that I'll be eating soon (:
    Thanks so much for letting me have this much fun, Heather! :D

  8. i say a milkshake with a waffle stick in it