Thursday, April 28, 2011

May: National BBQ Month!!!

Hello, I have had a lot of fun searching through tons of BBQ food images.  All of your suggestions are wonderful, and I wish that I could have made them all.  I will be working on making more BBQ items over the weekend, but wanted to leave you with a sneak peak.  These are the first two official charms for May, for the charm of the month club.  I will update this blog with more photos as I complete different foods over the weekend.  I may pick more from your suggestions, so check back soon.
*** June is National Candy month, so put on your thinking caps, and start leaving me those candy suggestions :)
I will have the contest directions and rules at the bottom of this blog. For those of you who are new to the blog, and are unsure of how the contest works.
  Here are three of the winning suggestions.  

The BBQ ribs dripping  with BBQ sauce was suggested by Joy 1961.
The Beef Kabob was suggested by Sharon.  
The watermelon slices were suggested by Pam
The roasted corn was suggested by Beverly

P.S. If any of you are checking in, please email me your address at  

These were very fun, and time consuming little guys

I am quite pleased with how realistic the ribs are... This photo absolutely shocked me. 

This little rack of ribs fit on the tip of my index finger, so I couldn't believe how real it looked in the photo here.

My little Beef Kabobs were quite fun to make.  As you can see here, they have green bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, marinated steak, and a pineapple slice.  

Thank you again for all your wonderful suggestions!!!

 These watermelon slices actually took quite some time to make.  It took around 5 hours of mixing and baking, to find just the right pinky color.  The good news is that I made around 40 of each type so I will have them for a while :)

Unfortunately they are only detailed like this on the front, they were far too thin for me to texture both sides.

Contest Info:
For those of you that are new to the contest, you make food suggestions, that fit in with the given theme.  I will pick at least one of them for the charm of the month club, and inventory in my store.  The prize is the charm you inspired.  Right now the theme open is Candy, for June.
 The Rules:
1:  You can only make one suggestion per day, that allows you multiple entries but many can play :)
2: Read through the suggestions to make sure you aren't duplicating any suggestions already made.

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  1. Your beef kabobs are the cutest! I'll try to think of the candy thing. Obviously the first thing that always comes to mind with me is chocolate!

  2. OMB! I love them all. The ribs, the kabobs. They are all amazing.

  3. For candy I think you should make peeps :) because it's around Easter (even though it has passed)and peeps are usually the type of candy people eat around this time :)

  4. My first suggestion for candy is...Gummy Bears!

  5. How about a swirly lollipop like the ones from a carnival!

  6. My candy suggestion is peanut butter cups!

  7. You could make some cotton candy in pink or blue! (:
    mmmmmm yummy!

  8. I know it's out of season but maybe this fall for candy you can make a halloween bowl full of tiny sugar pumpkins and candy corn!

    Or maybe some candy dots.

  9. My favorite candies were always Neapolitans - those coconut ones that were in pink/white/brown.

  10. Swedish Fish, the different colored ones! ;) I love the watermelons, too cute!!

    your newest follower from blogging buddies on Etsy,

  11. another suggestion is candy canes or peppermint sticks! (:

  12. Thank you all for such wonderful ideas!

    You all still have till next weekend to make more suggestions.

    I will work on them through the 20th through 23rd :)

  13. Maybe some salt water taffies in many different fun wrapping colours (:

  14. awe man, my ideas were already taken...hmm...oo! How about tootsie rolls, crunch bars, or maybe M&M's?

  15. lollypops... those big swirly ones you get at Disneyland

  16. I luv your little watermelons...I think a cute candy charm would be "Jelly Fruit Slices," you know the sugar covered ones in lemon, lime and orange.

  17. How about rock candy on a stick with all kinds of different flavors & colors.