Friday, April 1, 2016

April 2016

Thank you for stopping by.  I wasn't able to film before Easter, but I really wanted to show you how to cover eggs with polymer clay, in a pretty but simple way.  So in the coming days you can expect to see a video on Marbled Eggs.    

I blew out the eggs, and wrapped them in Premo polymer clay, then I sanded, and glazed them.  I think they look so much prettier in person.  

I used a lot of Translucent Premo, while marbling.  This is a perfect project to show you how pretty translucent can be in marbling.  

The color recipe for the pretty egg on the left is. 
1/3 Purple - 2/3 Translucent,
1/3 Turquoise - 2/3 Translucent (with a tiny pinch of blue to darken the turquoise a bit)
2/3 White - 1/3 Translucent

 All the combinations were very simple.  In the top photo you Red, Yellow, and White.  The middle was the Turquoise, Purple, and White, and the egg on the right was Blue, Yellow, and White.  Each color was mixed with 2/3 Translucent, and the White was mixed with 1/3 Translucent.  

I wanted to show you how two colors looked marbled together, and how one color marbled with the white looked.  

The other eggs you see are Purple and White,  Red and White, and Blue and White.   
Compare the photos of the Blue and White egg, to the Purple, Turquoise and White egg.  

Both use the same Translucent ratio, the blue one is pretty, and has the look of Blue Lace Agate.  It is pretty in it's own right, but when you add another color, you can really get a feeling of depth out of the Translucent.  

I will be filming this weekend, and hopefully have the tutorial up by Tuesday.    I will be filming a miniature tutorial right after the weekend for next week as well.  
Sorry this falls right after Easter, but decorative eggs are good any time of the year ;) 

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Your eggs are absolutely beautiful! You did an amazing job!!


  2. How did you gloss them without any of the edges sticking to anything? Amazing work!

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