Friday, February 26, 2016

February 2016 Part 2

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Recently I got a question about whether or not
my Allsorts were Scale.    Most of my items are "charm size"  I like my items to be very close in size to one another, so they look right on jewelry.
Most of the time this means 3/4 of an inch on average..  This means  sometimes they are in scale, sometimes not. :(

However it is long over due that I made a video about measuring, and converting to 12th scale.
In filming the video, I started a small list of measurements, so you can start your own list of measurements.  Please feel free to copy and paste.  I will add to the Google doc version when I take new measurements over time.  You may need to reformat the spacing when you copy and paste.

Measurements For Scale

Dishes real 12th
Plates Diameter
Small Paper Plate   217mm 18.08mm
Large Paper Plate 272mm 22.66mm
Clear Glass Plate 260mm 21.66mm
White and Blue 275mm 22.91mm

Small Plate Diameter
Clear Glass 193mm 16.08mm
Blue and White 213mm 17.75mm

Bowls Diameter Height Diameter Height
Clear 137mm 58mm 11.41mm 4.83mm
Blue and White 165mm 45mm 13.75mm 3.75mm
Soup Blue and White 215mm 40mm 17.91mm 3.33mm

Cups Diameter Height Handle H Handle W
Blue and White Tea 91mm 65mm 45mm 8mm
12th 7.58mm 5.41mm 3.75mm .66mm

Blue and White Coffee 78mm 116mm 83mm 16mm
12th 6.5mm 9.66mm 7mm 1.33mm

I Love NY 79mm 95mm 70mm 14mm
12th 6.58mm 7.91mm 5.83mm 1.16mm

Water Glass Diameter Height Diameter Height
Clear 77mm 155mm 6.41mm 12.91

Item Real 12th Scale
Fruit Diameter Height Diameter Height

Pink Lady Apple 65mm 70mm 5.41mm 5.83mm

Small Strawberry 30mm 40mm 2.5mm 3.33mm
Large Strawberry 40mm 58mm 3.33mm 4.83mm

Small Blackberry 19mm 25mm 1.58mm 2.08mm
Large Blackberry 24mm 30mm 2mm 2.5mm

Blueberry 15mm 10mm 1.25mm .83mm

Here are some Strawberry Slices for reference.
For a future Strawberry cane tutorial.  There are some excellent photos online of strawberry slices as well.   My reflections on the actual appearance of the slices will be on my strawberry cane extended cut on Patreon.