Monday, October 21, 2013

Self Preservation

First I want to thank all of you for your support of my business. 

There have been a great deal of changes on Etsy that has me concerned about the future of my shop.  The latest one has me the most concerned.

Recently Etsy announced that Mass manufactured goods will be allowed on the site.  There has been many stores claiming that their

items are handmade, and drop shipping sales straight from manufacturers.

What this means for Sweet & Savory Trinkets

In the last month and a half, I have been emailed from manufacturers in China asking if they can produce my products for me.  I have also had some of my photos stolen and used on other sites.  

Since some manufacturers have already taken notice of my Etsy items, I will continue to sell them there for the time being. 

However all my new designs will be in my shop on Zibbet .  I am trying to make it harder for large manufacturing companies to find my items and copy them. 

 My promise to you! 
Every miniature food you buy from me, is hand made by me!  I am not going to mass produce my products.  When you are contacting me, calling me, or buying from me, I am the person that will be writing you back, making your items, packing your items, and shipping them to you. 

Your can find my items in my shop on Zibbet, and at least through the Holidays on Etsy.  My new designs will no longer be on Etsy though.

I will also be doing local fairs, and I am in a few retail locations.  Blossom Beauty Lounge  , Emerging ThoughtsTwo Elephants, There are two other locations that carried a limited selection of my work, once I have permission to link them here I will update the blog with live links. 

Things here have slowed down a great deal with the new changes on Etsy, so I have been unable to continue donating the 2.5% of sales to disaster relief at this time.  I am now putting it back into supplies for creating new items. 

Thank you again for your past support.  I do hope you will stop by my Zibbet shop, I am currently trying out a couple other handmade sites too to see what I think of them. 


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