Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcoming Fall

  Fall is here, and living in sunny southern California the seasonal changes are far more subtle than most other places.  The weather is starting to get a little colder, and with Halloween practically here, I am starting to think about the fast approaching holiday season.  Thank you all who stop by my blog, I love reading your suggestions for the monthly contest!
  My newest items can be found in my Etsy shop. I am not finished making Fall foods for the store, so make sure to keep making suggestions for Fall themed foods, check back in see if your suggestions won.  So far pecan pie, a gravy boat, pumpkin pie, a turkey dinner plate, and a roasted turkey are the only suggestions taken up. We have 2 new winners  candy apples, and carmel apples.  You know the drill:) if you won, email me your address at sweetandsavorytrinkets@yahoo.com 

My miniature carmel apples are granny smith apples dipped in a rich (sparkly) carmel sauce . I added a little gold and copper sparkle to these guys to for the holidays.  They come in charms, earrings, and I can even make them into stitch markers. 

The candy apples are made with tiny claygranny smith apples, and is dipped in a rich red (sparkly) red candy coating.  The sparkles I have added look so pretty in person, they catch more light than the photos show.  The color reminds me of the shimmery deep red corvette colors from forever ago :)
I haven't made my wonderful turkeys/ dinner plates yet, but here are my pumpkin pie slices :).   The coloring and texture on top and in the pie filling is actually real pumpkin pie spices.  

For those of you that are new thank you for stopping by the blog!  I have a running contest, every month I choose a new theme, and ask you to make food suggestions that go with the theme.  If I make your suggestion, you win your suggestion as a charm:).  Leave your suggestions in the comment section of the blog.  Right now the theme is Fall
1 Try to make sure that you look over the suggestions that have been made, so you don't duplicate a suggestion.

2  Make up to one suggestion per day. 
In total I have donated 175.00 from sales since the big quake in Japan.  We have donated to the Japan earthquake/ tsunami relief, the New Zealand Quake, and the midwest U.S. tornado storm relief.
Here is the link of our charity page.

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