Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Thank you for all the wonderful Halloween instructions!!  My fingers have been very busy : ).  I do wish I could make them all, and I might be able to find time to make some more, but I wanted to share what we have so far.  At the end of the blog I will announce the new theme.

Our first monthly winner suggested candy corn, way back for candy month.  I will go back to locate your suggestion and contact you : )

The White Cinderella Pumpkin was suggested by Noell.  She actually grows them, and sent me some pictures of hers, they are beautiful!   I made some gummy ghosts 

I brough back one of  my favorites from last year too,  my Vampire Delight ice cream.     Idecided to create some freinds for our little white pumpkin too.

Contest Theme

You can make Halloween suggestions till the 1st of October,  but today the new theme starts as well.  The new theme is Fall/ Thanksgiving.   I already make a whole turkey, a turkey dinner plate with mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce, and  I make pumkin pie with whipped cream.   Everything else is up for grabs, so start making suggestions for your favorite fall and Thanksgiving foods. 

 Try to make sure that you look over the suggestions that have been made, so you don't duplicate a suggestion.

Make up to one suggestion per day. 

Have fun,  I look forward to looking at your suggestions.  

Exciting News!!   I am doing my very first fair on Saturday Sept 24th.   If I get good ictures of my booth, I will share them with you in the next blog.  Keep an eye out on the blog, I intend to update it by the 1st weekend in October..  If there are any more Halloween winners, I will be announcing them then.


I made my last contribution to our global giving page.  I put 50.00 in from the sales of July, August and September.
In total I have donated 175.00 from sales since the big quake in Japan.  We have donated to the Japan earthquake/ tsunami relief, the New Zealand Quake, and the midwest U.S. tornado storm relief.
Here is the link of our charity page.


  1. Oooh, what about a gravy boat?

    I'm Knittinggirl13 on rav

  2. I found you on Ravelry. Your work is beautiful!
    Pecan Pie is a big Thanksgiving request on my Mom's side of the family.