Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Piece O Cake!

Hello,  I just wanted to share my latest pieces, and announce one more candy winner, for June. 
I am finally starting to add some cake to my store.  Here are some photos, of my tester batch,  I am quite pleased, and plan on making more soon.  They are very time consuming though, and will more than likely be made to order. 

All the roses are hand made..  I shape each tiny petal by hand, and form the roses one petal at a time. 

I do like making roses,  and it has been far too long.  Today was the first time I have made these tiny roses in 8 years.  I hope you like them :)

There are four different cakes, A raspberry with a raspberry mouse, a raspberry with white frosting layers, blue raspberry the blue raspberry layers, and blue raspberry with white frosting.  They are each topped by a little rose, some of the roses are light, some are dark, a there are three multi colored roses (pictured above)

Now,  for our last June Winner!!!  Cotton candy was suggested by Tearyeyedstars!

This will be a very limited item in the shop..  as they are made using the glazed the polyform re-formulated. 

I did make 18 of each color..  I am unsure how many more I can create, so if you have to have them grab them.

Tearyeyedstars, please email me your address at

July Contest.. 
I am still taking suggestions for ice-cream.  I am a little behind, so You have at least one more week before I start really making the ice-creams.

The Rules:
1:  You can only make one suggestion per day, that allows you multiple entries but many can play :)
2: Read through the suggestions to make sure you aren't duplicating any suggestions already made.

I am still donating through global giving.  we are now at 100.00.  My store contributions have gone to the Tsunami relief in Japan, and the latest 2 donations have gone to tornado and storm relief.  I will try to provide the link I donate through in each blog.. (last time I forgot)  At the link you can see all of my past donations.  Here is the link. 


  1. The cakes are adorable! Snow cones are cute too. I just love your work.

  2. Those cakes are wonderful, Heather. My GD was bragging you up over the weekend.

  3. How about ice cream sandwiches? I can remember eating those in the summer when I was little. You'd try to eat them fast enough so you didn't have an ice cream river running down your arm. But not so fast that you'd get the dreaded 'ice cream headache.'

  4. How about ice cream cakes, since you started making cakes?

  5. What about swirly soft serve in a cake cone? I remember getting those from Dairy Queen during the summer. I'd always eat the little curly bit on the top first!

  6. The cakes are amazing! I just wanted to check if you'd seen I've nominated your blog for an Irresistibly Sweet blog award? It's here if you want to accept it.
    (I promise this isn't spam, love your blog)