Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Years!

Thank you for stopping by!   I am starting out the new years with Healthy food, since the top News Years resolutions tend to be.  Eating better, and losing weight.

Patreon Subscribers that donated at the 9.00 level will get one of these in their next package which isn't this month, but the first week of February.  The 15.00 subscribers are getting one of these this month.
Sorry about the lack of tutorials towards the end of the year everyone, Something always seemed to prevent me from working.

I am finishing filming this tutorial now, so hopefully the Extended version will be up on Patreon by tomorrow sometime.

   Here are the color recipes as close as I can get.

Carrot sticks

 Light orange, 2/3 orange 1/3 cadmium yellow fully mixed then and equal amount of translucent marbled mostly - but not all the way 

Dark Orange, 7/8 orange, 1/8 pomegranate fully mixed, then marbled with translucent, more translucent than the solid color 2/3 translucent, 1/3 the dark orange you just made. 

 Mostly Pomegranate add just enough orange to change it to a slightly more warm red. A little pinch, because you really won't need much red for the tomato portion. After fully mixed add 1/2, add translucent 1/3 should be the red, 2/3 translucent 

Sugar Snap Peas 2/3 translucent, 1/3 leaf green (sculpey III), a little pinch of camouflage (Sculpey III) to dull down the brightness of the green. Mix completely

 Black Olive Plain Black

Dark Green I used a small amount the sugar snap pea mix, and added a touch of leaf green (Sculpey III) and Camouflage (Sculpey III) mixed a bit but not thoroughly.

 Light Green I used left over sugar snap pea, and added some white probably about 1/3 compared to the green mix, and a little less than a 1/4 cadmium yellow to lighten (the white will put too much blue in without the yellow to off set it, the white would cool the color too much). 

2/3 translucent 1/3 white mixed thoroughly

Here is the youtube tutorial


  1. Love the veggies, the bowl and platter!

    Happy new year Heather!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! I will have to think of a couple other healthy meal options too.
      Happy New Years to you too!!!!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!