Sunday, October 18, 2015

National Apple Month

Happy October.
It has been crazy here, things were slowing down, but I am in the middle of root canal work.

I am currently filming the winter squash tutorial, then plan on doing some apple based tutorials, a couple more sandwiches, and I am still wanting to finish a pink mermaid.

I wanted to make an announcement about the upcoming surprise package for the patreon donors.  The next package will include a supply necessary for a tutorial I am excited about making in November.    The 15.00 donors will receive it at the beginning of November. The 9.00 subscribers will receive it their December Package since they get a package every other month.

Here is the link to my patreon page.  I got a late start on tutorials this month.  The package also includes some winter squash charms, and some from the next tutorial that will be posted  the following weekend  ;)  (October 24th - 26th)

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