Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sharing my Diet Adventure?

I have been trying to diet this year.  I started right at the New Years.  I just reached 163 lbs, and decided that I wasn't going to gain anymore weight.  Don't get me wrong 160 lbs, looks great on some people.  I am barely five feet tall though, and small boned.  

The first thing I did was cut out, my blended latte drinks, and the occasional soda.  I also started eating a little better, more chicken, and fish, adding a few more veggies, cutting out red meat for the most part.
With those changes I dropped down to 146  in about 6 weeks.  I stopped losing weight, so after a month I decided to drink slim fast twice a day, and eat one meal...  I have not budged since.  Waking up 146-147, and going to bed 148 - 149.  After three months of Slim Fast with no results, I started looking into nutrient rich food alternatives.  

I found Soylent, and after reading reviews, I decided that I will try it.  Soylent was not created for weight loss.  After researching, and seeing the quite a few people were losing little bits of weight  I wanted to try it.

According to a calorie calculator my Basal Metabolic Rate is 1256 calories.  According to the site, in order to lose 1 lb per week I would need to eat 1005 calories a day.  Another site suggested 1100 - 1300 calories per day.

The Soylent I received is measured in 250 calorie scoops, so I decided to do 1000 calories a day, and that way I have room for a snack or two if I want. It came with a pitcher, and each night I prepare the next full day of calories, and drink it spaced out in thirds as three meals.

If I want to eat a meal, I just skip soylent for that particular meal.  Friday Nights are date nights, so I know I will definitely eat at least that one meal per week.   I decided to keep a daily log, to track whats going on. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vr9KdP6rl00Wt7mQuHianMxgFyLTQENQFG95ZdzUF3Y/pub

If any of you would like to see whats happening, I can make videos on the progress.

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