Saturday, September 13, 2014

Knitting Tutorial Channels

A Quick Update
I am sure many of you know that I can crochet and knit as well as make miniature food.

I just wanted to announce that I have a left handed knitting and crochet channel,  and a right handed knitting and crochet channel on youtube now

I am not getting many tutorials up on these channels, because I have am writing, and knitting up patterns before releasing each tutorial in most cases.  

So far I have very basic tutorials, and a few where I include links in the description box of the tutorials for the projects I am showing here in the photos.  

As I complete the projects I am writing patterns for, I will be putting more tutorials online.

For my main Channel, I am now working on a candy theme.  I hope you have had a wonderful Summer!   I hope to start updating the blog here more often, with current projects, links to the new tutorials, and hints about future things to give you a sneak peek :) 

Here is the Right handed striped baby blanket tutorial and pattern 

I am working on the left handed hat, and that will be the next tutorial up on the left handed knitting channel.

Here is the right handed striped baby hat tutorial with pattern

Here is the left handed striped baby hat tutorial and pattern

Thank you all for coming back, and seeing what I have been up to :) 


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