Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm On YouTube!

Thank you for stopping by!

I created a YouTube channel, where I am now doing video tutorials of all my miniature foods!

Here is my channel

The photo to the right are my nails.  Recently my nail artist Tin Tin from Blossom Beauty Lounge has been urging me to make my food tiny enough to go on my nails!   Two of my subscribers Mandy Lee, and Miss CiciUK  were also supportive of the idea.   This breakfast inspired set is the very first time I have had my miniature food on my nails, and I think it may just become an addiction! Here is the nail size pancake tutorial.
Here is my nail size egg and bacon tutorial.

So if you were wanting to delve into the world of polymer clay, or just want to see how I make your favorite items stop by, and watch a video or two.  I will be releasing videos in themes.  Right now is Breakfast.

Here is the pancake charm tutorial

Here is my bacon and egg tutorial.

I am transitioning slowly to a focus on creating more tutorials, and reducing my store inventory.  I hope to do a couple of local fairs this year.

Thank you all for being so supportive.

Here is my bowl of  cereal tutorial 
Here is the eggs benedict tutorial ,  and the ham tutorial for the eggs benedict.

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