Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baking Up Some Fun

As many of you now know, I closed my Etsy shop.  You can still reach me there for the time being, but all my miniatures are now on Zibbet.  

First I wanted to say Thank You!!!!  Some of you have already found me on Zibbet, and I am so grateful that you have followed me over.

The Holidays are a pretty hectic time, and the munchkins have been sick, so I haven't been able to make a whole lot of new items.  Here is a sneak peek of my current projects.  

The broken egg is so much fun!  I love them, the egg shell is very thin, and the egg white is a liquid polymer clay.  It is flexible and will bend rather than break.  Take care with this one, you can break this one by smashing it, or tearing it forcefully.

The butter was made by request, but I did make a a few extra, because I have been meaning to make a set of baking charms.  I will be making three more charms to go with the eggs and butter after the Holidays.

The French toast was also a special request, but I decided to make a few extra.  I like the way they look so I will try to make more in the coming year.

This year I won't be making batches of 50 or more.  My batches will be much smaller, so I have time to continue creating more things, and work on other ventures.

I will also be working on couple different projects this year.  I plan on making knitting and crochet left and right handed video tutorials. I will probably throw some food tutorials in there too.  When I start building up enough tutorials, I will comeback and provide the youtube links.

Any Knitted or crocheted items in the store you see, are projects I have been working on for the tutorials.  They are finished and ready to ship, and I will not be making more of the exact same item.

The other big thing I am working on is my family tree.  I am spending a good deal of time researching.  

I will try to get in to more small local fairs this year.  I will post what fairs I will be at along with the  dates and locations.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me as I had have to pull away from Etsy.

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