Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Holiday Items

Thank you all for stopping by!

I just created some new Holiday goodies.  They are very small batches this year.

You can find my new goodies in my Zibbet shop

On the right side of the shop there is a Holiday section if you are searching for the Holiday only items.

The peppermints are actually one of the more challenging foods I make.  They are very fun, but very difficult to make perfect on both sides.   There is definitely a front and back on most of them.

The main green I use for the green peppermints was discontinued.  I use a mixture of greens, but any new batches I make will be a slightly different green.

My items can also be found at:
Blossom Beauty Lounge  in Redondo Beach, Ca.
Emerging Thoughts  an online boutique with creators from around the world
Two Elephants in Granada Hills, Ca.

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